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PSBC WeChat Banking Has over One Million Followers

Date: 2015-07-29

Up to June 28, 2015, the number of followers of WeChat banking of Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) exceeded one million. The WeChat banking has become a handy portal for customers to get information and news on the Bank, enjoy preferential treatment, make account inquiries and obtain information on wealth management products.

In September 2013, in line with the trend of Internet-based socialization with customers, PSBC launched WeChat banking to provide 7*24 hours financial services, which was widely recognized by customers for its convenient functions and broad coverage. On January 3, 2014, the Bank held the press conference themed “welcoming finance into micro-life”, where it officially launched its Weibo banking, WeChat banking and Yixin banking products, taking an important step in accelerating the layout arrangement in Internet-based finance.

Dedicated to the “customer-centered” service philosophy, PSBC constantly enriched the WeChat banking functions and optimized the customer experience. In terms of service functions, it accelerated launching its traditional business lines online, which not only realized such functions as credit card account inquiry, point inquiry and repayment, but activated inquiry for debit card balance and transaction details, fee payment and temporary loss registration. Customers were enabled to enjoy financial services anywhere anytime. Regarding security, PSBC WeChat banking bound customer information with WeChat account and realized business linkage with mobile banking. In order to ensure security of customer funds, customer could use WeChat transaction only for contract accounts of mobile banking. One SMS verification code would be sent before each transaction and the transaction password of mobile banking must be input for financial transactions.

The WeChat banking also took the opportunities such as Valentine's Day, Lantern Festival, Women's Day and celebration for number of e-banking customers exceeding 100 million etc. to launch a series of marketing campaigns and won wide recognition of customers. At present, PSBC is repaying its customers via the WeChat terminal and the first 100 customers that follow and contract PSBC WeChat banking every day before January 31, 2016 will be awarded RMB10 for phone bill.

It’s learnt that On April 2, 2015, at the Launching Ceremony of 2015 Year of Promotion for E-banking in China and the 3rd Financial Brand Summit sponsored by China Financial Certification Authority (CFCA), PSBC won the title “2015 Best WeChat Public Platform in Finance”.