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“Family One” Builds up An All-life Fully Opened Household Consumption Industrial Chain

Date: 2016-03-09

On March 8, 2016, “Family One” Consumption Industry Alliance and Member Service Alliance initiated by Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and PSBC Consumer Finance Company were officially founded in Beijing.

The Consumption Industry Alliance will provide member enterprises with customized financial service and offer eligible members quality supply chain financial service and convenient consumption loans and financing service. Meanwhile, it will provide household consumers nationwide with “Family One” member service and organize member enterprises to integrate service resources, so as to offer customers one-stop experience of household consumption service.

According to PSBC, founding of the Alliance is intended to respond to national policies and facilitate implementation of inclusive finance during Chinese economic restructuring and reform of the supply side. Household consumption enterprises and economic research institutes will be united to study the new mode of “Internet + finance + industry” and related enterprises will be promoted to join in to manage the household consumer group. In this way, the massive customer resource will be shared, the consumption potential released and the consumption industrial upgrade driven forward, thus providing all-round family life service solutions with industry and finance integrated for Chinese households.

It’s learnt that PSBC and PSBC Consumer Finance Company will join hands with famous household consumption enterprises to promote crossover between consumer finance and consumption industry, build up the “household consumption industry” open collaboration coalition and shape an all-life fully opened industrial chain of household consumption service.