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Chronicle of events

Date: 2016-07-19


Postal Savings Bank of China Limited* was established in the PRC.

We launched micro loan business, entering retail credit business.


All of our 36 tier-1 branches were established.

We issued our first credit card.

We launched personal business loan and personal consumer loan business.

We entered into an agreement with GIZ, pursuant to which both parties jointly established a dedicated team of “Micro Loans and Retail Banking Business Project” and carried out relevant cooperation.


We launched corporate proprietary loan business.

We launched the business of corporate loans to small enterprises.

The cumulative amount of micro loans we extended exceeded RMB100 billion,

which is a significant breakthrough of our personal loan business.


We launched online banking services for retail customers.

We commenced cash management services for corporate customers, which further diversified our corporate banking products and services.


Our cross-bank transaction success rate reached 99.765%, ranking first among 15 nationwide commercial banks for the first time, proving the quality of operation of our information system had reached a new height.

We initiated nationwide Wealth Creation Competition to support individual

entrepreneurs and small and micro enterprises through an integrated service platform of financing, brand promotion, technical support and communication of business models.


We were converted into a joint stock limited liability company from a limited liability company.

Our tier-1 branches were authorised to engage in corporate credit business, which was a significant breakthrough of our corporate business.

We launched cross-border Renminbi settlement business.

We started to provide mobile banking services.


Our balance of corporate loans to small enterprises exceeded RMB100 billion.

We successfully hosted “The 16th Session of the Postal Savings Banks Forum of the World Savings and Retail Banking Institute” with the theme of “Commercially Sustainable Inclusive Financial Services.”


We published the Inclusive Finance Report. As the first specialized report on the topic of inclusive finance in China’s banking industry, our report discussed comprehensively the development of inclusive finance theories in China and our experience in this area.

The number of our electronic banking customers exceeded 100 million, making us the fifth commercial bank with over 100 million electronic banking customers in the PRC.

The balance of our personal deposits exceeded RMB5 trillion, making us the fourth commercial bank with over RMB5 trillion of personal deposits balance in the PRC.

We successfully launched “2014 Youyuan First Residential Mortgage — Backed Security (RMBS)” which was the first domestic mortgage-backed securitization product since the relaunch of asset securitization in the PRC.

Our assets reached RMB6,298 billion, ranking fifth among the PRC commercial banks for the first time.


We introduced ten Strategic Investors, namely, UBS, China Life, China Telecom,CPPIB, Ant Financial, JPMorgan, FMPL, IFC, DBS Bank and Shenzhen Tencent.

Our subsidiary, PSBC Consumer Finance, was established, demonstrating our further expansion of comprehensive operations.

We published monthly small and micro enterprises operation indices exclusively in the industry, which has become an important reference for the decision-making of governmental departments.