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Honors and Awards in 2017

Date: 2018-03-28


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“Customer Information Platform System of massive data memorized based on unifi ed management and under Open Source Framework” (基于统一管理及开源架构下海量数据内存化的客户信息平台系统) was awarded the second prize of “2016 Bank Technology Development Award” (2016年度银行科技发展奖二等奖)


2017 Best Performance Award in the Activity of Popularizing Financial Knowledge by China Banking Industry (2017年度中国银行业普及金融知识万里行活动最佳成效奖)

China Banking Association

Best Livelihood Finance Award (年度社会责任最佳民生金融奖)

Best Trade Financial Growth Bank (最佳贸易金融成长银行)    

“Research and Practice of Finance Cloud Platform of PSBC” (邮储银行金融云平台研究与实践) was awarded A Class Achievement of 2017 Banking Information and Technology Risk Management Research Project (2017年度银行业信息科技风险管理课题研究一类成果)


2016–2017 China Internet Charity Award (2016–2017年度中国互联网公益奖)    

  Internet Society of China

China E-bank Golden Award (中国电子银行金榜奖)
 — 2017 Best Online Banking Award (2017
 — 2017 Best Personal Mobile Bank User Experience Award (2017

China Financial Certification Authority

2017 China International Financial Exhibition “Golden Tripod Award” — Excellent Financial Brand of the Year (2017中国国际金融展「金鼎奖」年度优秀金融品牌奖)

China International Exhibition on Financial Banking Technologies & Equipment, Organizing Committee of China International Financial Service Exhibition

Triple A Regional House and Deal Awards 2017-Best Bank Capital Bond (2017年度亚洲最佳银行资本工具发行)

The Asset(《财资》杂志)

Triple A Country Awards 2017-China-Best Bank Capital (2017年度中国最佳银行资本工具发行)

Best Financial Bond in 2017 (2017年度最佳金融债券)

Global Capital Asia

Best Listed Company for Investor Relation Management (最佳投资者关系管理上市公司)

Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group (香港大公文汇传媒集团)

Hong Kong Corporate Governance Excellence Awards 2017 (2017香港公司管治卓越奖)

The Chamber of Hong Kong Listed Companies(香港上市公司商会), Centre for Corporate Governance and Financial Policy of Hong Kong Baptist University (香港浸会大学公司管治与金融政策研究中心)

China Listed Companies of Financing Award 2017-Best Listed Company Award (2017年中国融资上市公司大奖最佳上市公司大奖)

Chian Financial Market (《中国融资》杂志)

Best Transaction Bank for Payment Services in China (最佳支付服务银行)


Best SME Banks (最佳中小企业服务银行)

Global Finance

Digital Transition Forerunner Award 2017— Operation Transition (2017年数字化转型领军者大奖运营模式转型) (IDC亚太区)

Chinese Outstanding Social Responsibility Award 2017 (2017中国社会责任杰出企业奖) (新华网)

Most Reliable Bank of the Year (最值得百姓信赖的银行机构)

China Comment (半月谈)

Special Achievement Award (金龙十年非凡成就奖)

Financial Times (金融时报)

The Best Risk Management Bank of the Year (年度最佳风险管理银行)

Best Bank of Inclusive Finance 2017 (2017年最佳普惠金融银行)

The Banker (China)

Best Bank of Inclusive Finance 2017 (2017年度普惠金融银行)

21st Century Media (《二十一世纪传媒》)

Competitive Consumer Loan Bank 2017 (2017年度竞争力消费信贷银行)

Best Strategic Management Award for Boards of Listed Companies 2017 (2017年中国上市公司卓越董事会最佳战略管理奖)

Outstanding State-owned Commercial Bank with Competitiveness in 2017(2017卓越竞争力国有商业银行)    

  China Business Journal (《中国经营报》)

Outstanding Internet fi nancial Bank with Competitiveness in 2017 (2017卓越竞争力网络金融银行)  

2017 Evergreen Award Best Assets Management Bank Changqing Award (2017长青奖最佳资产管理银行)

Caijing Magazine (财经)

Top Banks of Green Finance 2017 (2017年度中国TOP金融榜年度绿色金融)

The Paper (澎湃新闻)

Annual Best Credit Card (年度最佳信用卡)           

National Business Daily (每日经济新闻)

Outstanding Retail Bank Award (杰出零售银行奖) (金融界)

Outstanding Mobile Bank Award (杰出手机银行奖)

Gold Medal Corporate Bank of the Year (年度金牌公司银行)

Financial Money (金融理财)

Gold Medal Electronic Bank of the Year (年度金牌电子银行)

Gold Medal Bank of Branding of the Year (年度金牌品牌力银行)