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Honors and Awards in 2015

Date: 2016-04-20

Honors and Awards

Awarding Institutions/Media

2014 Most Influential Commercial Bank of China

Economic Information Daily of Xinhua News Agency

Inclusive finance business PSBC developed for serving agriculture-related business and small & micro-sized enterprises won the Second Prize for Innovative Achievements in Modern Business Management.

The National Committee for Determining Innovative Achievements in Modern Business Management

2015 Best Remittance Business of China

The Asian Banker

Personal Commerce E-loan was recognized as “Golden Wealth Management: 2014 Most Potential Mobile Internet Financial Product”.

Shanghai Securities News

“Postal Bank” wealth management brand won the title of “Golden Wealth Management: 2014 Best Assets Management Brand”.

Shanghai Securities News

The named sponsor of the 2nd “Create the Youth” China Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The Central Committee of the Communist Young League

Excellent Organization Award in China Postal Group’s Serial Publicity and Soliciting Activities in Celebration of its 120th Anniversary

China Postal Group

Best Commercial Bank of China in Financial Innovation

Economic Information Daily, and China Green Capital Forum Organizing Committee

2015 Exemplary Chinese Company in Circular Economy Development

President of Magazine China Top Brands

Chairman Li Guohua was rated as a leading figure in China’s inclusive finance.

National Business Daily

PSBC won the Splendid Contribution Award in China’s inclusive finance.

2015 Most Socially Responsible Company

China News Service and China Newsweek

2015 Best Brand Building Bank in Asia

21st Century Business Herald and Finance Research Center of 21st Century Economy Institute

2015 Highly Competent Bank in Corporate Business

China Business

Excellent Inclusive Finance Bank of the Year

Economic Observer

The Most Trustworthy Banking Institution among Chinese People

China Comment and China Top Brands

Excellent Retail Bank Award

2015 Most Socially Responsible Company

China News Service and China Newsweek

2015 Highly Competent Financial Institution in Social Responsibilities

China Business

The Most Socially Responsible Bank

Best Risk Management Bank of the Year

Financial Times

Best Retail Bank of the Year; Best Financial Product Portfolio of the Year: Bank-government Cooperation for Small and Micro-sized Enterprises; Fortune Thriving B: Most Profitable Financial Product of the Year

Financial Money