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About PSBC

Date: 2019-08-21

The postal savings business in China can be traced back to its start in 1919 with a history of one hundred years. In March 2007, based on the reform of the previous postal saving management system, the Postal Savings Bank of China was officially established. In January 2012, the Bank was transformed into a joint stock limited liability company. In September 2016, it went public and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

With approximately 40,000 outlets and services covering near 600 million individual customers, the Bank strategically focuses on providing financial services to Sannong customers, urban and rural residents and SMEs and is committed to meeting the financial needs of the most promising customers during China’s economic transformation. In addition, the Bank is accelerating its transformation towards a new retail bank that is data driven and features synergy between channels, interlink between wholesale and retail as well as efficient operation. It has shown its superior asset quality and significant development potential, and is a leading retail commercial bank in China.

The Bank is committed to serving the real economy, actively implements the national development strategy and supports the construction of the modern economic system of China in order to achieve its own sustainable development. The Bank adheres to the customer-centric philosophy and has established a financial service system where online and offline businesses connect with each other and achieve joint development, providing our customers with quality, convenient and efficient integrated financial services. The Bank adheres to the risk-based approach, establishes an “all aspects, whole process and all staff” risk management philosophy, and maintains the quality of

assets at the best level of the industry. It continues to follow the principle of “providing inclusive service to urban and rural areas and offering benefits to the people”, and actively fulfills its social responsibilities in providing inclusive financial services, developing green finance, and supporting accurate poverty alleviation, etc.

After 12 years of dedicated efforts, the Bank has become an important player in the market with marked influence. In 2019, it is ranked 22nd in The Banker’s Top 1000 World Banks 2019 in terms of tier 1 capital. It has been rated A+ and A1 by Fitch and Moody’s respectively, which is the same as China’s sovereignty credit rating; it has been rated A by Standard & Poor’s, which is the highest rating among the large state-owned commercial banks.

Faced with the period of strategic opportunities for China’s economic and social development, the Bank will thoroughly implement the new development concept, comprehensively deepen reform and innovation, accelerate the transformation and development towards “uniqueness, comprehensiveness, lightness, intelligence, intensification”, continue to improve the quality and effect of serving the real economy and the ability of serving customers, and commit to becoming a distinctive, prudent and safe first-tier large retail bank trusted by customers, driven by innovation and offering excellent value.