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PSBC’s “YO•U Card”

Date: 2016-05-27

The YO•U Card is a special themed debit card targeting at students at colleges and vocational education schools and recent graduates, offering all the basic financial services including cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and remittance, payment and settlement, addition of affiliated account, and issuance of scholarship. The cardholders can enjoy a combined benefit of business fees, and win cash awards from consumption with the cards.


Young customers, including students at colleges and vocational education schools and recent graduates.

Card features:

You can scan the QR code on the back of the card to add PSBC's WeChat banking service. During the campaign of winning cash awards from consumption with the card, by making payment up to a certain amount via POS, online banking, mobile banking (except paying for expenses of online banking, mobile banking and WeChat banking), Alipay quick payment, Tenpay quick payment, WeChat payment, ULE quick payment, UnionPay online payment etc, you will receive cash bonus pushed by WeChat, which can be used accumulatively within one-month period of validity, for offsetting intra-bank non-local transaction charges, fees for loss registration, fees for printout of account details and fees for issue of individual certificate of account balance.

With the card, you may set up a maximum of three individual current accounts at PSBC as affiliated accounts (including cards and passbooks) with preferential charges for transfer between the card and the affiliated accounts.

You may use the card as the account to receive your salary and scholarship, which is timely and convenient.

With the card, you may participate in club activities organized by PSBC from time to time, where you may communicate with your peers, making your life more colorful (the time of such activities will be announced by local branches).

Card benefits:

The cost of production, annual fee and petty account management fee are exempted;

For appointed transfers with the card for handling fees deduction, the first 12 intra-bank non-local transactions in each year are exempted from handling fees;

For intra-bank non-local transfers between an affiliated account and the YO•U Card with the latter for handling fees deduction, the first three transactions in each month are exempted from handling fees.

Handling procedures:

Please handle this business at PSBC's outlets with your valid ID. For detailed requirements, please consult PSBC's outlet staff. The above is subject to the final interpretation of PSBC.