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Agriculture Aid Plus

Date: 2016-05-04

i.    Introduction

“Agriculture Aid Plus” is the payment and settlement service launched by PSBC to serve and benefit the people in rural areas. For the service, PSBC, on the basis of summing up the experience in pro-farmer withdrawal over the past years and relying on the phone payment terminal as a carrier, integrates cash remittance, transfer and remittance, agency bill payment and other diversified financial services.

It boasts such financial service functions as pro-farmer withdrawal, cash remittance, transfer and remittance, agency bill payment, mutual shift between time deposit and demand deposit, credit card repayment, inquiry and postal remittances. At any of the service points of PSBC with the qualification of “Agriculture Aid Plus”, agriculture customers can enjoy secure, convenient and quality financial services.

ii.   Functions

1. Pro-farmer withdrawal

By accepting the card of the Bank or other banks, the service point can transfer the fund in the withdrawer’s account to the master card account of “Agriculture Aid Plus”, and accordingly pay the cash in corresponding amount to the withdrawer.

2. Cash remittance

After receiving the small-amount cash of the payer, the service point can deduct the fund in corresponding amount from the master card account of “Agriculture Aid Plus”, and transfer the corresponding amount to the bank account (account of the Bank or other banks) designated by the payer. 

3. Transfer and remittance

The service point can directly deduct the fund in the payer’s master card account of “Agriculture Aid Plus”, and transfer it to the bank account designated by the payer.

4. Agency bill payment

It is a bill payment service rendered by the service points of PSBC for bill payers to pay the water, electricity and gas charges, communication fee, new rural cooperative medical care and insurance and other bills. Bill payment can be made in cash and via card of the Bank. For concrete type of bill payment, please consult local PSBC branch.

5. Mutual shift between time deposit and demand deposit

Through this function, customers of Universal Green Card of PSBC can shift time deposit to demand deposit, and vice versa, through the terminal of “Agriculture Aid Plus”.

6. Repayment of the Bank’s credit card

This function can repay the credit card of PSBC through Universal Green Card. 

7. Postal remittances

Remittance by address: It is a function that transfers the fund in the master card account of “Agriculture Aid Plus” to the payee at a designated address, the payee can accordingly withdraw the fund in the outlet of PSBC by holding his/her valid identity certificate and remittance note. The single remittance amount cannot exceed RMB50,000. (Note: The terminal can't load the function automatically without the application of “Business Easy Mix” customer.)

Password-based remittance: A customer who has subscribed the “Agriculture Aid Plus” can, by setting the withdrawal password, transfer the fund in the master card account to a certain payee. The payee can withdraw the fund according to the withdrawal password, and the single remittance amount cannot exceed RMB50,000.

Remittance inquiry: It can be used to inquire about the final status of an outward remittance.

8. Inquiry 

Balance inquiry: Customers can inquire about the balance in accounts with the logo of China UnionPay, and also the balance in time sub-account of Universal Green Card of PSBC.

Transaction inquiry: Customer can inquire about the detailed information of the last ten transactions of the master card account of “Agriculture Aid Plus”.

Inquiry of intraday summary: Through this function, customers can inquire about the total transactions and amount of the prior-day each business type of the previous day of “Agriculture Aid Plus”.

Loan inquiry: Customers can track the loan acceptance and examination process, and the information of loan repayment.

iii.  Features

1.  Complete functions: Through the terminal of “Agriculture Aid Plus”, customers can handle the deposit, fund transfer, remittance, bill payment, credit card repayment, inquiry and other businesses, thus meeting customers’ demands for general financial services.

2.  Handy and convenient: Farmers can handle various banking businesses at the handy service points, solving their inconveniences to go to the banking outlets to handle the business.

3.  Secure and reassured: All businesses are handled face to face by swiping the card, and relevant vouchers are printed out. Customers are thus more reassured.

iv.   Business flow

1. Please take the following materials to the PSBC outlet and fill out the Application (Modification, Cancellation) Form for Agriculture Aid Plus of Postal Savings Bank of China to apply for the “Agriculture Aid Plus”:

A. Original and copy of your personal identity certificate;

B. Original and copy of business license of your industrial economic establishment, or other materials that can prove the legitimacy of your operation;

C. Tax registration certificate or land user certificate, household booklet, and operation certificate issued by and affixed the stamp of the village committee and other evidential materials, and signing of the Agreement on “Agriculture Aid Plus” Service of Postal Savings Bank of China;

C. Green Debit Card of PSBC in your own name.

2. When canceling the “Agriculture Aid Plus”, you should take your valid real-time identity certificate and the binding Green Card to handle the procedures for cancellation at the original outlet where you subscribed the business. You cannot entrust an agent to handle the business.

(The aforesaid information is for you reference only. Specific regulations of the local PSBC branch on concrete business shall prevail.) To save your time, please contact local PSBC branch or dial the PSBC hotline 95580 to get detailed information before handling relevant procedures).