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What obligations shall the policy holder

Date: 2016-03-20

1. The obligation to tell the information as true;

2. The obligation to pay the premium pursuant to relevant contract. Paying the premium constitutes the primary obligation of the policy holder. After the insurance contract is established, the policy holder may pay up the premium to the insurer in a lump sum, or pay the premium in installments pursuant to relevant contractual provisions. Where the contract specifies the payment of premium in installments, the policy holder should pay the initial premium when the insurance contract is concluded, and pay the remaining installments of premium as scheduled. Provided that the policy holder fails to pay the current installment of premium sixty (60) days exceeding the given period, the contract will lose its effect, or the insurer will reduce the amount of insurance pursuant to the contract (unless otherwise specified in the contract). Where the policy holder and the insurer fail to reach the renewal agreement within two (2) years after the contract loses its effect, the insurer shall be entitled to terminate the contract.

3. The insured shall undertake various insured perils or events whereby the corresponding insurance liabilities shall be assumed pursuant to the provisions of the insurance contract, and shall be obligated to promptly notify the insurer of the occurrence of those accidents or events.

4. The obligation to notify the insurer of the increase in risks of the insured.

5. The obligation to actively take measures to rescue when the insured peril happens, so as to prevent or reduce the loss of the insured.

6. The obligation to provide relevant evidences after the insured peril happens. When the insured asks the insurer to give compensation or pay the insurance benefit pursuant to the contract, the policy holder and the insured or the beneficiary should provide the insurer with all the evidences and materials (if possible) relating to the determination of nature & reason of the insured peril and loss thereof.

7. The obligation to safeguard the insured.