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Single Phase

Date: 2016-03-20

Stage involved: From the time of starting work after graduating from the college to the time of getting married

Ages for reference: 22 – 28 years

Economic status: At this stage, you generally have a relatively low income but spend much, so you are strong in resisting the risks. You can make some investment aiming at developing a good habit of wealth management and accumulating the experience in the investment. You can also use a portion of fund to invest in the high-risk financial products, like stocks, stock funds and foreign exchange.

Demand for insurance: Because you do not have a high income, and also shoulder comparatively light family burden, you can purchase the consumption-type insurance with a low premium but strong guarantee, like accident injury insurance or term life insurance. Besides, you can purchase the insurance products with the payment of premium for every five to six years, so as to force yourself to save the money and get prepared for housing purchase at the next stage.