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PSBC launched a new-generation intelligent customer service system “Xiao You”

Date: 2018-01-04

On December 23rd, 2017, PSBC successfully launched a new-generation intelligent customer service system“Xiao You”.

Relying on the AI cognitive technology, the new system transformed the knowledge structure of the previous intelligent customer service  and created a new-generation intelligent customer service system. Based on the question-and-answer method of natural language understanding, the new system can identify more than one hundred different questions asked by customers concerning the same kind of issue, support the two service channels of PSBC’s official website and WeChat official account, and provide customers with a variety of service forms such as text, expression, voice and picture. Customers can interact with the intelligent customer service system in real time around the clock. They can also ask questions through WeChat official account Postal Savings Bank of China” customer service. The intelligent customer service system “Xiao You” will accurately judge customers’ intention through deep learning of model training, and offer answers and services which are more concise, professional and direct. What’s more, the system can be seamlessly transferred to online customer service representatives according to customers’ needs, thus providing them with a more personalized and user-friendly interactive experience.

The new-generation intelligent customer service system has realized the self-learning ability and improved the intelligent customer service utilization rate and interaction accuracy. It is expected to further ease the pressure of manual customer service, save cost, and promote the intelligent development of electronic banking. PSBC will continue to explore the application of AI in improving work efficiency and identifying customers’ intention, deeply mine customers’needs, accelerate the Bank’s strategic transformation towards smarter functionality, and build a new customer service model integrating self-service, intelligence and AI.