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PSBC and BGI Agriculture Reach Strategic Cooperation

Date: 2016-04-01

On March 29, at the Inauguration Ceremony of BGI Agriculture Group and Forum on Innovative Development of Precision Agriculture that was held in Shenzhen, Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) and BGI Agriculture Group signed the strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will put their respective advantage into full play and deepen and widen their cooperation, so as to contribute to accelerated transformation and development of agriculture in China.

According to the agreement, PSBC will provide BGI Agriculture Group with integrated financial services and adopt the “investment-loan linkage” mode to support high-tech industries and facilitate advancement of agricultural technologies. Based on industrial fund cooperation, the two parties will fully fuse BGI Agriculture’s technological advantage in “industry, university and research institute” integration and PSBC’s advantage in “investment, loan and exchange” financial service to jointly develop projects and devise investment plans. In this way, the industrialization of modern and precision agricultural technologies of BGI Agriculture will be rapidly and widely promoted.

It’s learnt that since its foundation, PSBC has actively assumed the social responsibility of “reaching all urban and rural areas and bringing benefits to the people” and explored a path of featured development of serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers (Sannong), serving small and micro enterprises and serving communities. In rendering services for Sannong, it boasts distinct edges in financial service. BGI is a well-known research institute in genomics, while BGI Agriculture is a front-runner in molecular breeding, cultivation of new varieties of animals and plants, agricultural planting, deep processing of nutritious food and research and application of micro-ecology. Cooperation between the two will realize full combination between technology and capital, technology and market and technology and channels, opening a new chapter in China’s modern agriculture.