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Users of iOS and Android can directly download mobile banking by scanning the QR code.


Date: 2016-03-25

Upholding the concept of “Together we make it better”, PSBC devotes itself to providing personal customers with secure, convenient and efficient mobile financial services. The mobile banking system provides personal customers with such functions as account inquiry and management, transfer and remittance, personal loan, credit card, fund, wealth management, T-bonds, precious metals, deposits and custody, agency payment of public utility fees, travel services, life services and mobile payment, to meet diversified demands of personal customers and ensure the customers can enjoy the banking services for 7*24 hours at home.

Mobile Banking Security

1. Double protection guarantees the security of data transmission.

Adhering to the strictest security standards of the banking sector, the Bank has developed the mobile banking system that automatically realizes SSL encryption communication protocol to guarantee the total-process encryption of data. Thus, security channel must be established between the mobile and the mobile banking server before the data are transmitted. Besides, digital signature technology and strong encryption communication pipeline are introduced to guarantee the security of data transmission.

Furthermore, the mobile banking system encrypts the certificate of login password, transaction password and other key information, thereby realizing double protection of key information and further guaranteeing the information security.

2. Multiple control mechanisms guarantees the security of business transactions

If it is the first time for the user to use the mobile banking application, the user should activate the application by SMS and bind to mobile number. When logging in the application after first installing or re-installing the application, the user will be asked to obtain the activation code and activate the application. After the application is activated successfully, the system will automatically bind the mobile number used for the activation to the mobile.

SSO control: A user can log in one customer application program at the same time. If the same user account is logged in via any other mobile terminal, the other user will be forcedly logged off, that is, the system will automatically regard the latest login as effective and the former login as ineffective, and terminate the former login.

Limit control: The mobile banking system sets the control over the single and accumulative limit of transfer, payment and other account-related transactions.

Password management: When logging in the mobile banking, the user will be asked to enter the password intended solely for mobile banking login reserved by the user. If the password is entered incorrectly for the given times, the system will automatically lock up the login.

Timeout control: To avoid the loss caused by the user’s failure to log out the system, any operation beyond the given period will be forcedly logged out. The mobile banking system can be available after re-login.

Cache control at the customer end: During the user's operation, the customer-end program does not cache the password and other sensitive information of the user. After the user logs out the mobile banking application, the card number and other key information saved in the mobile memory will be automatically deleted to avoid the influence on fund security due to mobile loss.