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Tips on Safe Use of ATM/CRS

Date: 2016-04-19

1. When making enquiry or withdrawing money on an ATM/CRS, please look around to check whether there is any extra installation or camera on or near the AMT/CRS. Enter password as swiftly as possible and cover the keyboard with body parts to prevent spying.

2. Never reveal your password to anyone; don’t set password in simple sequence of numbers (such as 888888) and never make your birthday password; be it known that to enter a closed door to self-service banking, you only have to swipe bank card without entering password.

3. After a transaction slip is printed from the ATM/CRS, please don’t throw it away carelessly. Slips should be properly kept or timely disposed of or done away with.

4. When operating on an ATM/CRS, if cash doesn’t come out from the device, please don’t leave the spot. Stay where you are and call our service number shown on the ATM/CRS screen or directly call our customer service hotline for help.

5. When operating on an ATM/CRS, if your bank card is swallowed by the device due to erroneous operation, damaged magnetic strip, entry of incorrect passwords too many times or forgetting to collect the card, please properly keep the voucher of card swallowing and bring along your effective personal identity certificate to the outlet administering the ATM/CRS to timely collect your card.

6. Please carefully distinguish our announcements. Never believe any announcement that asks customers to transfer money into a designated account. If you find any such announcement, please report to us and the public security organ as soon as possible.  

7. Keep alert against bank card frauds via SMS text message. Upon receipt of a suspicious SMS, please carefully examine it. If you have any doubt, call the service hotline of the card issuing bank for enquiry. Never dial the number provided in the text message.

(The above is only for your reference. Please refer to specific provisions of local branch of Postal Savings Bank ofChinafor details. To save your time, please contact our local branch or the service hotline 95580 for details before heading for relevant formalities.)