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Gold card

Date: 2016-04-16

Card Design

As the standard credit card of PSBC, Gold Card inherits the Bank’s service commitment of “serving you with all our strength” and also uses “tripod cauldron” as the major design pattern, and adopts the gold as the background color to highlight the prestigious identity of card holders.


Gold Card is a standard credit card issued by PSBC to the medium and high-end customer groups. In addition to recycling credit, repayment in installments, advance cash and optional password, it offers multiple featured services like VIP service, credit line adjustment of supplementary cards, 48-hour card loss security, free SMS notice, large-amount cash advance, double bonus points for spending at birthday and exquisite gift exchange, etc. Card holders can fully enjoy the convenience and discounts of “repayment after spending” both at home and abroad, and use card without worry anytime and anywhere.


Free SMS notice: SMS notice will be sent for each transaction free of charge.

Exquisite gift exchange: gift exchange exclusively for customers holding Gold Card.

Double bonus points program: double bonus points for spending on birthday.

VIP services at outlets: priority in business handling and other VIP services at the outlets.