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Chinese Zodiac Card

Date: 2016-04-16

Card Design

Chinese Zodiac Card is the first credit card launched by PSBC with the theme of Chinese New-year Zodiac stamp. Chinese Zodiac Card issued in the Year of Monkey uses the monkey stamp of the same year as the theme. The money stamp of the Year of Monkey is designed by Ms. Huang Yongyu, the designer of the first money stamp and the master of the art circler. Chinese Zodiac Card depicts a smiling male monkey with a peach, which represents longevity, happiness and prosperity, conveying the best wishes for the new year.


Chinese Zodiac Card is the first credit card integrating the Chinese New-year Zodiac stamp, and has all the function of IC credit cards at the gold level, including spending, cash withdrawal, repayment in installment, interest-free repayment period and other basic financial functions of credit card. Besides, it also enjoys the function of electronic cash, supporting the offline micro payment, redeposit and card recharge, inquiry and other financial services of IC card.


Valuable for collection: using the Monkey stamp as the card pattern, which is highly meaningful for and valuable for stamp collectors.

Lower annual fee: no annual fee for the first year, and the annual fee of next year will also be exempted if the card is swiped six times.

Double bonus points program: double bonus points for spending on birthday.

Free SMS notice: SMS notice will be sent for each transaction free of charge.

VIP services at outlets: priority in business handling and other VIP services at the outlets.