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Classic Card

Date: 2016-04-16

Card Design  

Classic Card is the first standard UnionPay credit card of PSBC with a “tripod cauldron” on the card face. “Tripod cauldron” has been always considered as the noble vessel since the ancient time and the symbol of the state and the power. It is endued the meanings of “majestic”, “noble” and “grand” in Chinese, which reflect the PSBC’s service commitment of “serving you with all our strength”. The blue-green background color advocates the green, healthy, simple and vogue lifestyle.


As the first general standard RMB credit card with the logo of China UnionPay, the Bank, on the basis of fully borrowing the functions and characteristics of credit cards of other banks, customized the economical and practical Classic Card with distinct features according to actual demand of our customers for credit card in close combination with the business development situation of the Bank. Both the principle and supplementary cards are free of annual fee for ever, and the repayment in installments is exempted from the interests. Besides, it is subject to lower handling fee, secure and handy, enabling you to enjoy the life at ease.


No annual fee for ever: both the principle card and the supplementary cards are exempted from annual fee.

Bonus points effective for ever: one bonus point is granted for every spending of RMB1 yuan and bonus points keep effective for ever.