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Joyful Convenience, Using Card in Comfort

Date: 2016-03-20

PSBC is at your hand. 39,000 outlets nationwide and multiple repayment modes enable you to realize repayment anytime and anywhere. Timely SMS notice on repayment enables you to know about the repayment result at the first time.

1.Repayment at outlets: you can go to or entrust others to go to any of the PSBC outlets to make repayment at the counter in cash or account transfer.

2.Automatic link repayment: if you have a debit card or demand settlement account of PSBC, you can link it with the credit card by the credit card hotline, online banking, outlet or other channels to realize automatic link repayment of credit card.

3.Repayment via online banking: you can subscribe the contracted account and log in the online banking of PSBC, and then transfer the amount from a demand settlement account to the credit card account and complete the repayment online.

4.Interbank repayment: you can make interbank repayment of the PSBC credit card at the counter or online banking of other banks in cash or via a debit card.

5.Repayment via Alipay: you can initiate the Alipay and select the available balance, quick pay (including card, account or online banking) to repay the PSBC credit card online.

6.Other repayment modes: you can use the CDMs of the Bank to repay the credit card in cash or the ATMs to repay the credit card by fund transfer.