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Market Trading Business

Date: 2016-06-01

With the inter-bank market standardized financial products as the target of trade, the market trading operations are conducted for the purpose of fund management, proprietary trading, agency trading, risk hedging. There are five major business categories, including money market, fixed income, foreign exchange business, derivatives transactions, and precious metals business, covering more than a dozen of currency types and dozens of varieties.

With the qualification and ability to trade all major products in the inter-bank domestic and foreign currency market, PSBC acts as primary dealer, market maker, trial market maker and other key roles, and performs a number of core functions, such as cooperating with the central bank to disclose market operations and implement monetary policies, and providing quotes and liquidity support to the domestic bonds, foreign exchange and other markets. Thus it can be said that the Bank not only has a significant influence in the interbank market, but also takes a pivotal part in the Chinese financial system.

For the outstanding trading capacity and excellent trading performance, we have been repeatedly awarded by the regulatory authorities and trading center in consecutive years. The honors and titles we have won include “The Most Competent Bank in the Market”, “Best Market Maker”, and “The Most Disciplined Members”. Meanwhile, a number of our employees received the titles like “Excellent Trading Supervisor” and “Excellent Trader”.