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Personal call deposit



Personal call deposit is a kind of deposit without fixed deposit term, including one-day call deposit and seven-day call deposit. 

The minimum deposit amount of personal call deposit is RMB50,000 and the maximum amount for single deposit is RMB5 million (inclusive). Several accounts should be opened in case of exceeding the maximum amount. The principals shall be deposited in one time, and can be withdrawn in one time or in multiple times.

b.Deposit interest rate

Interests for personal call deposit will be accrued by adopting the item-by-item interest method at the rate published by the Bank on the withdrawal day and by actual days of deposits. Interests will be paid off in one installment together with the principal. 

If the remaining deposits after partial withdrawal are more than the minimum deposit amount, a new account for call deposit shall be opened again and the deposit term will start from the date when the original call deposit account was opened. If the remaining deposits after partial withdrawal are lower than the minimum deposit amount, the account will be cancelled and interests will be accrued at the rate published by the Bank for demand deposit on the date of account cancellation, or the remaining deposits will be converted to other deposits upon depositors' desires. 

c.Functions and features 

Higher interest rate: The interest rate of call deposit is higher than that of demand deposit. 

Intelligent wealth management: Automatic redeposit is available for call deposit. Depositors can redeposit the call deposit by one-day or seven-day deposit cycle (one day for one-day call, and seven days for seven-day call), the saving business system will automatically settle the interests for every one day or seven days, and automatically transfer the principal and interests to the next deposit cycle on the following day and calculate the compound interest, so as to save your time and improve the fund utilization rate.