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Fee Rate


1. This Tariff consists of three parts: free services, government-guided prices and government pricing, and market-adjusted prices. The charges are set according to the Measures for Price Management of Services Offered by Commercial Banks (CBRC and NDRC Order [2014] No.1), the Notice on Printing and Issuing the Tariff of Government-guided Prices and Government Pricing  for Services Offered by Commercial Banks (NDRC Price [2014] No.268), and the Notice on Cancellation and Suspension of Charges on Part of Basic Financial Services Offered by Commercial Banks  (NDRC Price Rule [2017] No.1250).and the Notice on Reducing the Handling Fees for Small and Micro Enterprises and Privately or Individually-owned Businesses (Y.F. [2021] No. 169)

2. For the purpose of this Tariff, the coverage of “intra-city” businesses is the same with the administrative division of a prefecture-level city, which includes the prefecture-city itself and counties under its administration. Intra-city businesses also refer to those processed within a municipality directly under the Central Government, a provincial capital or a municipality separately listed on the state plan.

3. This Tariff is only for customers' information on the bank's services and standards of charges. Please see our latest announcements for changes of service rates and promotional events.

4. Promotional rates listed in this Tariff come into effect as of January 1, 2021 and expire on December 31, 2024 unless otherwise stipulated in the Tariff.

5. If you have any question, please contact us via out outlets, customer service hotline, or letters for consulation and complaints.

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