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Domestic remittance and exchange



Inheriting the century-long accumulation of exchange business in “connecting the world with exchange” and further benefiting from the system reform, PSBC sticks to the truth-seeking, pioneering and innovative spirit, adheres to the philosophy of “customer foremost” and spares every possible effort to provide all urban and rural residents, enterprises and nonprofit institutions with secure, rapid and handy remittance services. 


Extended service network 

PSBC boasts of the domestic largest personal remittance network that has covered all the key network of postal electronic remittance system across all the cities and counties nationwide, and connected the postal electronic remittance and exchange computer processing system of more than 40,000 outlets in over 2,000 cities and counties across 31 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities). 48,000 remittance and exchange outlets across the country are available for the remittance and exchange services. 

Diversified business varieties 

At present, based on the postal electronic remittance system, PSBC has launched five types of electronic remittance business, i.e., remittance by address, password-based remittance, book-entry remittance, commercial remittance and online paying remittance. 

Attentive featured services

PSBC customizes and provides people with diverse considerate services, like remittance postscript, receipt of remittance slip, SMS and list of exchange details of commercial remittance, etc. Besides, the Bank optimizes the business process, making the money remitted by kids in cities being received by their parents in the countryside as early as possible. Besides, remittance postscript conveys the filial piety of those kids to their parents. 


Business type


Domestic remittance

Remittance by address

Considerate services and deliver to your door

Password-based remittance

Complete remittance in an instant easily way

Book-entry remittance

Urban-rural network to facilitate the real-time remittance


Shop online easily without bank card

Commercial remittance

Secure and rapid electronic reconciliation

Featured services


Receipt of remittance slip

Remittance notice, connecting you and me


Notice of receipt

Remittance postscript

Conveying wishes and blessings

Serving extensive rural residents 

During the development, remittance and exchange business of PSBC shows the characteristics of increasing remittance from cities to countryside,from coastal regions to hinterland, PSBC accordingly plays a more and more important role in serving “serving agriculture, rural areas and farmers”, the Bank devotes great efforts to provide handy remittance services for vast rural areas, do the utmost to improve the living conditions of farmers and make due efforts to boost the development of agriculture and rural economy.