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Speedy Loan (Mortgage)


I. About the Product

It is an online personal operating loan for business operators with good credit records who want to mortgage their houses. It is to meet their funding needs for production and business activities. It is efficient under the “online real estate value appraisal + offline mortgage registration” model. The loan term is long with a high credit line.

II. About the Service

Applicable users: individual business operators (farmers and merchants) aged 18-60 years old with good credit records.

Line of credit: up to RMB10 million to a single borrower.

Term: up to 60 months.

Interest rate: LPR benchmark at the lowest, subject to the local actual interest rate.

Drawdown method: revolving line of credit; to be borrowed and repaid at any time.

Repayment method: equated monthly installments, one-off repayment of principal with interest, or monthly interest payment and principal repayment upon maturity.

III. Application Channel

Applicants can apply for the loan via online channels such as mobile banking, and only need to go through mortgage registration procedures offline.