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Government Loan Express


I. About the Product

With risk compensation funds provided by competent government departments at the county level and above, the loan is provided to specific groups of people who are law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, capable of working and with entrepreneurial desires (including entrepreneurial women, the disabled, veterans, entrepreneurial college students, registered poverty-stricken households, etc.) for business purposes such as supporting their entrepreneurship and employment, poverty alleviation and prosperity.

II. About the Service

Applicable users: people who want to start a business, and registered poverty-stricken households.

Line of credit: up to RMB500,000 for a single borrower (up to RMB1 million for the de facto controller of a reemployment partnership) and no more than the maximum line of credit specified by the local government authority.

Term: up to 3 years and no more than the maximum period specified by the local government authority.

Type of guarantee: credit, guarantee, mortgage or pledge.

Interest rate: subject to local policy requirements and the actual local interest rate.

III. Application Channel

Consult PSBC branches that provide credit products or call the customer service hotline 95580.