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Foreign Currency Exchange


i. Business overview

Individual foreign exchange refers to the exchange between freely convertible currencies handled by personal customers at the Bank.

ii. Business Features

Diverse currencies: US dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Hong Kong dollar, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar

Lower fees: No additional handling fee.

Handy and convenient: Individuals can take their valid identity certificate to go to the PSBC outlets or log in the online banking to exchange foreign currencies.

iii. Transaction limit

1. Limit for exchange of foreign currency cash. If the accumulative exchange amount of exchange on the same day does not exceed the equivalent of USD5,000 (exclusive), individuals must provide the Customs Declaration Form for Incoming Passengers of the People’s Republic of China or the withdrawal slip of foreign currency cash of original deposit bank, or the voucher for foreign exchange purchase.

2. Limit for exchange of foreign currency via account. No limit for current foreign-currency account. However, if the amount of exchange exceeds the equivalent of USD10,000 (exclusive), individuals must provide valid certificate, and valid certificate of the agent if the agent is entrusted to handle the business.

iv. Warm tips

Business hours for individual foreign exchange are working days, The conversion is not available in case of public holidays of China, main rest days of international financial market and under other special situations.