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foreign currency deposit


Business overview

Foreign currency deposit is the service of deposit & withdrawal in foreign currencies and value retention and appreciation of foreign currencies. ii. Business category

1Demand deposit: With the minimum deposit amount of USD1, demand savings can be deposited and withdrawn at any time in a flexible and convenient way.

2. Time/demand optional deposit: With the minimum deposit amount of USD10, time/demand optional deposit has no fixed deposit term, so it can be deposited and withdrawn at any time. Interest rate subject to the deposit term.

3. Lump-sum time deposit : With the minimum deposit amount of USD10 and fixed deposit term, lump-sum time deposit  can be deposited and withdrawn in a lump upon maturity. Deposit terms are one month, three months, six months, one year and two years.

4. Agreement deposit:

With non-standard deposit term  featuring no risk, low threshold, high yield and simple procedures. Deposit terms are 13 months and 18 months. This product offers higher yield  than fixed term deposit, and flexibility of fund.

6. Foreign currency holding certificate: Refers to the document for residents or non-residents carrying a certain amount of foreign currency to cross the border.

iii. Account type

Green Card Express, current all-in-one passbook in RMB and foreign currencies, and time all-in-one passbook in RMB and foreign currencies.

iv. Services and business channels

1. Account openingPSBC outlets;

2. Deposit and withdrawal: PSBC outlets;

3. Fund transfer: PSBC outlets;

4. Mutual shift between time and demand deposit: PSBC outlets and online banking;

5. Inquiry: PSBC outlets, phone banking and online banking;

6. Password change and loss report: PSBC outlet;

7. Issuing of certificate of deposit and foreign currency holding certificate: PSBC outlets.

v. Warm tips

1.PSBC implements real-name deposit system , identification certificate is needed when opening an account.

2.At present,  in foreign currency deposit is available for US dollar, Euro, Pound sterling, Japanese yen, Hong Kong dollar, Canadian dollar and Australian dollar.

3.Interests will be accrued for the foreign currency deposit by applying the rate and interest accrual method as prescribed by the People’s Bank of China. Besides, individual income tax will be levied on the saving deposit in accordance with the tax rate specified by the relevant State regulations .

4.Deposit can be withdrawn with the password and passbook/card. But identification certificates and other materials are required for a large-amount withdrawal.

5.You can inquire about the information of deposit account with your password/card and real-name certificates.

6.Please keep you passbook/card and password properly. Please immediately report the loss atany PSBC outletif your passbook or card was lost, as well as  divulged or forgot the password.

7.When handling the savings deposit in foreign currencies, the Bank only accepts the foreign currency banknote in monetary unit, mintage, fractional currency ,damaged and  stained currencies.

8.Please make an appointment with PSBC if you need to any foreign currency banknote in relatively large amount. Please contact local PSBC branch or dial 95580 to get further information.