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Introduction of Consumer Credit


Consumer Credit Business

In order to meet customers' financing needs for consumption, the Bank has developed four major product lines covering house purchase, car purchase, consumption and education under consumer credit business. It has followed the government’s policy of enhancing the fundamental role of consumption in economic development and actively serves the real economy. As a result, the consumer credit business maintains steady growth. As at the end of 2020, the amount of personal consumer loans exceeded RMB2.2 trillion.

Relying on nearly 40,000 outlets in urban and rural areas and online customer services, the Bank adheres to the concept of inclusive finance development and extends our business scope to third and fourth-tier cities and below to support the consumer loan needs of urban and rural residents. Loan products for personal customers have been introduced to meet the consumption needs of individuals and families, such as personal housing loans, personal auto loans, personal comprehensive consumer loans and personal education loans, so as to provide consumer financing services in various aspects and help customers upgrade consumption and enjoy quality life.

In recent years, the Bank has constantly promoted digital, intelligent and scenario-based business transformation. To enhance product competitiveness, the Bank makes full use of Internet technologies and provides “customer-based, real-time and online” product experience. It continues to improve its digital service capability, pushes forward the improvement of end-to-end customer experience, and establishes a business process with “multi-channel access, online and offline integration”, providing customers with quick and convenient service experience. Besides, the Bank keeps promoting the retail credit factory model. It has built a digital operation system with intelligent and efficient decision-making, and applied mobile Internet technology and big data analysis technology in the entire loan process, thus achieving digital, automated and intelligent management of loans throughout the life cycle.