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Universal Green Card (Chinese Zodiac Card)



Chinese Zodiac Card is a set of theme cards issued by PSBC, which has not only the function of debit card, and also conveys the blessings of Chinese Spring Festival, thus having relatively high values for collection and preservation. Since the initial launch of the monkey zodiac card in 2004, the Bank has completed the launch of a complete set of 12 zodiac cards, those cards are highly favored by card holders. 

In 2018, PSBC will issue the Universal Green Card (Chinese Zodiac Card) consecutively, taking the drawing of Chinese zodiac as the pattern which is well-designed by a Chinese prominent artist Zhou Lingzhao. On the card face, a female dog watches her baby close to her, and smiles kindly and warmly, and the baby dog looks at the mother dog, implying “family reunion, happiness and longevity”.

ⅱ.Functions and features

1.Multiple functions and comprehensive management: By holding the Universal Green Card (Chinese Zodiac Card), you can handle the time and demand deposit & withdrawal at any of the PSBC outlets nationwide, and handle the interbank withdrawal and fund transfer via any of the ATMs with the logo of China UnionPay. Besides, you can handle the lump-sum deposit & withdrawal, time/demand optional deposit and call deposit at local PSBC outlet.

2.Random mutual shift and wealth management at ease: You can shift the idle demand fund in the Universal Green Card (Chinese Zodiac Card) to lump-sum deposit & withdrawal, or time/demand optional deposit or call deposit, and vice versa.  Furthermore, you can purchase the insurance, T-bonds, funds and wealth management products.

3.Simple and handy: By holding the Universal Green Card(Chinese Zodiac Card), you can handle the fund transfer, consumption, online shopping and payment of phone, public utility fees and other businesses.

4.Convenient and worry-free management of supplementary cards: You can apply for many supplementary cards, and manage the monthly spending limit of each supplementary card at ease. By holding a supplementary card, the card holder can handle the withdrawal, consumption, outgoing fund transfer, inquiry of available spending limit and other business. However, no fund can be transferred into the supplementary card.  

ⅲ.Business flow

You can take your valid real-name certificate and go to a PSBC outlet to fill out the dedicated application form and apply for a Universal Green Card (Chinese Zodiac Card).

(The aforesaid information is for you reference only. Specific regulations of the local PSBC branch on concrete business shall prevail. To save your time, please contact local PSBC branch or dial the PSBC hotline 95580 to get detailed information before handling relevant procedures).