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Universal Green Card (Golden Age Card )



Gold Sunglow Card is an exclusive debit card customized by PSBC for pension financial customers. As a financial IC debit card, it has such functions as agency payment of pension, cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and remittance, payment and settlement. 

ⅱ.Target customers 

Pension financial customers. 


No card issuing fee, annual fee and small-amount account management fee.


You can fix a Gold Sunglow Card as your account to receive the agent payment of pension fund, salary and other funds to receive the transfer amount in a timely and convenient manner.  

With a Gold Sunglow Card, you can purchase the special wealth management products, fund products, insurance planning, precious metal products and other financial portfolios of the Bank, making your assets hedging and appreciated. 

With a Gold Sunglow Card, you can participate in the wealth management salon, health insurance lecture, square dancing, preferential traveling, lucky draw and other activities, making your life more rich and colorful (For the information of concrete activities, the announcement published by local PSBC branch shall prevail). 

ⅴ.Business flow

You can take your valid real-name certificate and go to a PSBC outlet to apply for a Gold Sunglow Card. For concrete qualification requirements, please consult the business personnel of the outlet. PSBC reserves the final right to interpret the aforesaid contents.