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Universal Green Card (YO·U Card)



YO•U Card is a theme debit card customized by PSBC for students in colleges & universities and high & medium vocational technical schools, and social fresh people, which has all of the fundamental financial service functions, like cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and remittance, payment and settlement, subscription of familiarity account and agency payment of scholarship, etc. Card holders can enjoy the preference in the handling fee and win cash-filled red envelopes through consumption.  

ⅱ.Target customers

Young people, including students in colleges & universities and high & medium vocational technical schools, and social fresh people. 


You can scan the QR code on the back of the YO•U Card to subscribe WeChat banking of PSBC. During the period of wining cash-filled red envelopes through consumption, you will receive the cash-filled red envelope distributed by WeChat banking if you buy goods involving a fixed amount and make payment via POS, online banking, mobile banking (except for the bill payment through online banking, mobile banking and WeChat banking), Alipay Express, Tenpay Express, WeChat pay, Ulepay Express, UnionPay Express or other online banking tools, the cash-filled red envelope will keep effective within one month and can be used cumulatively to offset the handling fee for non-local transaction, loss reporting and printing of transaction details, as well as for the issuance of personal certificate of deposit.

With the YO•U Card, you can set three personal demand accounts (including card and passbook) at most with the Bank as familiarity accounts, to enjoy the preference in the  handling fee for fund transfer and remittance between YO•U Card and familiarity accounts. 

You can fix YO•U Card as the account to receive the agency payment of salary and scholarship in a timely and convenient manner. 

With the YO•U Card, you can participate in the activities of YO•U Card Club organized by the Bank on a regular basis, getting more chances to communicate with the peer groups and making your life more rich and colorful (For the information of concrete activities, the announcement published by local PSBC branch shall prevail). 


No card issuing fee, annual fee and small-amount management fee.

ⅴ.Business flow

You can take your valid real-name certificate and go to a PSBC outlet to apply for a YO•U Card. For concrete qualification requirements, please consult the business personnel of the outlet. PSBC reserves the final right to interpret the aforesaid contents.