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Universal Green Card (Exchange Express Card)



Foreign Exchange Express Card is an exclusive multi-function debit card tailored by PSBC for personal customers of foreign exchange, which does not only have the IC financial services and electronic cash of the Universal Green Card, and also integrate the function of quick handling of international remittance and bonus point of personal customers' foreign exchange. 

ⅱ.Target customers 

Personal customers having the demand of foreign exchange. 


Bonus points are given for the handling of international remittance, settlement and sale of foreign exchange, foreign exchange currency, wealth management in foreign currencies and other personal foreign exchange business. Boundless bonus exchange, boundless surprises!


In addition to the IC card financial services of the Universal Green Card, Foreign Exchange Express Card has such functions as bonus points for foreign exchange business and quick form-free international remittance, namely, you can easily handle the international remittance without filling out any form other than confirming the information of the remitter and the remittee, saving your time. 

ⅴ.Business flow

You can take your valid real-name certificate and go to a PSBC outlet to apply for a Foreign Exchange Express Card. For concrete qualification requirements, please consult the business personnel of the outlet. PSBC reserves the final right to interpret the aforesaid contents.