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Universal Green Card(+Salary Card)



+Salary Card is a theme debit card tailored by PSBC for the customer groups handling the agency payment of salary, which furnishes the integrated financial products and services like cash deposit and withdrawal, transfer and remittance, bill payment and fund wealth management, as well as renders eight comprehensive butler financial services, including account butler, settlement butler and wealth management butler. 

ⅱ.Target customers 

Customers handling the agency payment of salary, including enterprises, nonprofit institutions, government organs, small & micro enterprises. 


As an exclusive card issued by the Bank to customers handling the agency payment of salary, +Salary Card can meet their comprehensive financial demand of savings, settlement and wealth management and render the integrated financial services in a handy, preferential, convenient and considerate way. Apart from the basic function of agency payment of salary, it provides other value-added services, like cash management, dedicated wealth management.


No card issuing fee, no small-amount account management fee and no annual fee are charged. SMS notice for each agency payment of salary is sent free of charge. No handling fee is charged for the first two withdrawals from interbank ATM involving the amount of less than RMB2,500 each month.