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Draft Discount (Commercial Draft Discounting)


i. Introduction

Note discount means the behavior that the Draft Center of the Bank, in the form of full endorsement, purchases the commercial drafts held by corporate holders or other organizations that can prove the draft was obtained legally, have authentic trade background and are undue. The Bank can accept different types of discount businesses as below: paper draft discount and electronic draft discount according to different carries of draft, bank acceptance draft and commercial acceptance bill according to different acceptors, interests paid by buyer, by seller, by a third party and interest paid based on negotiation according to the different methods of interest payment, and partial waiver of the right of recourse. 

ii. Features

1. Simple procures, handy and efficient.

2. Flexible price and low financing cost. 

3. Numerous outlets nationwide, and professional & experienced draft discount business team. 

iii. Business flow

1. The customer submits an application and relevant materials. 

2. The Bank examines and approves the application.

3. The customer signs the discount and relevant agreements. 

4. The Bank grants the loan to the customer.