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Electronic Draft Business(electronic commercial draft)


i. Introduction

Electronic draft business means the draft-related behaviors that the Bank, relying on the electronic commercial draft system of PBC, performs the acceptance, guarantee, endorsement, pledge and discount of electronic commercial draft issued or legally held by the customer. Electronic draft replaces the paper substance draft in the form of data message, replaces the handwriting signature by electronic signature, replaces the manual transmission by network transmission and replaces the hand writing by computer inputting, thereby reducing the risks of draft forging, altering, cloning and fraud, and the risk of draft transmission and preservation, as well as cutting down the transaction cost and improving the transaction efficiency. 

ii. Features

1. Stable system, handy and efficient. 

2. Rich varieties meet customers' diverse demands for electronic commercial draft.

3. Effectively preventing customers' draft business risk and reducing the draft management cost. 

4. Numerous outlets nationwide, and professional & experienced draft business team. 

iii. Business flow

1. The customer submits an application and relevant materials. 

2. The Bank examines and approves the application.

3. The customer signs the electronic commercial draft and relevant business agreements. 

4. The Bank provides the customer with relevant services.