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Interbank Financing


Interbank financing refers to off-line fund transactions between PSBC and domestic financial institutions, including interbank deposits, interbank loans and other types of products. Interbank deposits mean interbank capital depositing and refunding among financial institutions. Depositors are limited to the financial institutions with the deposit taking qualification. Interbank loans refer to interbank capital lending and borrowing conducted by the financial institutions within the scope of this business in compliance with the laws and regulations. 

As a strategic business of interbank cooperation and traditionally advantageous business, our interbank financing has an important influence in the financial market. The postal savings interbank financing business provides portfolios of different maturities and capital flows and realizes the linkage between debt side and asset side, capable of meeting different customer needs and maintaining a pricing initiative to some extent. 

After years of interbank financing operations, we have established a close partnership with various domestic financial institutions and put in place a compact and diversified system of interbank customers which links all parts of the country.

We have built a leading business team with market-oriented vision, strong asset-liability portfolio investment and financing capabilities, and efficiently business dealing by relying on active business transactions, sophisticated product lineups and multi-level counterparties.