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Check refer to a type of negotiable instrument issued by a drawer, who authorizes the bank handling check deposit to pay unconditionally a fixed amount of money to the payee or the holder at the sight of the instrument.

Notes for business handling:

Pursuant to the Negotiable Instruments Law of the People's Republic of China and the settlement management measures of the People’s Bank of China, customers can use the cash check and the check for fund transfer in accordance with relevant regulations. Crossed check with two parallel lines on its upper left corner can be used for fund transfer only. Corporate and personal customers can use the check to make settlement of various funds in the same exchange area of negotiable instruments.

All checks must be ordered and can be endorsed. 

The time limit of check payment is ten days (commences from the date of draft, and the period will be extended if the due date coincides with public holidays and rest days). 

The date of draft, amount in numerals and in words and the name of payee of the check cannot be changed. Other contents with any error can be corrected by crossed line and affixed with the Bank’s stamp as evidence. 

Any check that is missed can be reported loss to the paying bank, but the loss reporting will be rejected if the check has been paid. 

Any drawer who issues the dishonorable check, the check showing a signature or stamp inconsistent with the one reserved by the bank, or the check with wrong payment password shall be fined 5% of the face amount of the check but not less than RMB1,000 by the bank, and will be also dishonored.