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Collection With Acceptance


Collection with acceptance refers to the settlement method by which the payee, after consignment of goods under a sales contract, authorizes a bank to collect a payment from a non-local payer, and the non-local payer accepts the money collected by the bank.

The corporate payees and payers employing the settlement method of collection with acceptance must be state-owned enterprises, supply and marketing cooperatives, and urban or rural collectively-owned industrial enterprises with a good business management and approved by their account opening banks after examination. The payment to be settled through collection with acceptance must be for a commodity transaction or the provision of labor services arising therefrom. The payments for commodity sale on an agency basis, on consignment or on credit cannot be settled through collection with acceptance.

Collection with acceptance applies to a narrower scope than that of agency collection and imposes higher requirements for the objects employing the methods, as well as sets rigorous provisions for agency collection, acceptance, overdue payment, refusal to payment, re-collection and punishment on noncompliance.