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Liquidity Management


PSBC can provide group customers with internal fund liquidity management, thereby enabling the group customers to realize collective management, reasonable allocation, internal offering, internal pricing of fund of their branches & institutions and other diversified demands. Specifically:

1. The Bank furnishes multiple fund collective management modes, including full-amount concentration, excess concentration, excess retained concentration, concentration by rounding, fixed-amount concentration, balance percentage concentration, income percentage concentration, accumulative balance concentration, and the time of concentration can be any time point each day, each week or each month; 

2. The Bank furnishes multiple fund payment management modes, including unified control over income and expenditure, fixed expenditure by budget, expenditure based on revenue and fixed expenditure in excess. 

3. The Bank furnishes a group customer with internal account overdraft services, so that branches and institutions can use out their expenditure budget in the event that the group has abundant fund, the group can thus repay the overdraft amount, thus realizing the internal offering without cost; 

4. The Bank furnishes internal member subsidiaries of a group customer with rich financing modes through entrust loan, so that those member subsidiaries can allocate the fund and maximize the fund utilization efficiency, stave off legal risk;

5. The Bank furnishes a group customer with internal fund pricing, enabling the fund offering between the head office and branches accrue and distribute the interest at the rate designated by the customer and building up a scientific and efficient corporate financial system.