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Syndicated Loan


It is a method that many eligible banks or non-banking financial institutions providing the fund to the same borrower based on the same loan terms, the same loan agreement and at the agreed time and proportion. According to the different loan methods, it is divided into direct syndicated loan, indirect syndicated loan and consortium loan. 

Direct syndicated loan is the basic form of syndicated loan granted, recovered and managed by the agent bank upon the entrustment of all the other member banks to the borrower. 

Indirect syndicated loan means that, the leading bank directly grants the loan to the borrower and then resell the participating right (i.e., the portion of loan) to other banks, and also takes charge of the loan management, granting and recovery. 

Consortium loan means that, the leading bank who has committed a loan or credit facility to the borrower signs the third-party agreement with the participating banks and the borrower, and then grants the loan to the borrower within the lending bank’s line of credit.