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Corporate Call Deposit


refers to a type of RMB-denominated deposit, for which the customer specifies no fixed deposit term but shall notify the Bank prior to the withdrawal. By the notice period, call deposit is generally classified as one-day call deposit and seven-day call deposit. A customer shall notify the Bank of the proposed withdrawal date and amount through a formal withdrawal notice one or seven days in advance. A formal withdrawal notice shall be submitted on the proposed date if facsimile or other means are used for the notification. At present, the minimum deposit amount for corporate call deposit as required by the Bank is RMB500,000, and the minimum amount of each withdrawal is RMB100,000. A customer must place the deposit in a lump sum and could withdraw in one time or by installments, but the balance after withdrawals cannot be less than the minimum deposit amount. The interest of call deposit shall be calculated at the interest rate published by the Bank on the date of withdrawal and the actual deposit term, and will be settled together with the principal in one installment.