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About PSBC


The postal savings business in China can be traced back to its start in 1919 with a history of over one hundred years.In March 2007, based on the reform of the previous postal savings management system, Postal Savings Bank of China Limited was officially established.The Bank was transformed into a joint stock limited liability company in January 2012.The Bank went public and was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in September 2016.The Bank was listed on the SSE in December 2019.

With approximately 40,000 outlets and services covering over 660 million personal customers, the Bank focuses on providing financial services to Sannong customers, urban and rural residents, and SMEs. Relying on its unique model and resource endowment featuring directly-operated outlets and agency outlets, it is committed to meeting the financial needs of the most promising customers during China’s economic transformation. In addition, the Bank is accelerating its transformation towards a new retail bank featuring data-driven, channel coordination, interaction between wholesale and retail as well as efficient operation. It has shown superior asset quality and significant development potential, and is a leading major retail bank in China.

The Bank is committed to serving the real economy, actively implementing national strategies, and fulfilling its social responsibilities. It adheres to the customer-centric philosophy and has established a financial service system where online and offline services connect with each other for joint development, providing customers with quality, convenient and efficient integrated financial services. It adheres to the risk-based approach as well as a prudent and sound risk appetite, enhances the leading role of risk management on all fronts, and continuously improves the comprehensive risk management framework featuring “all aspects, whole process and entire staff”. It continues to follow the operation philosophy of “gaining a first-mover advantage with market insights”, takes bold action in innovation and reform, deepens capacity building, and strives for high-quality development.

Since its establishment 17 years ago, the Bank has been playing an increasingly important role in the market with marked influence. It has been rated A+ and A1 this year by Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Service,respectively, which are the same as China’s sovereignty credit ratings. It has been rated A, AAAspc and AAA by S&P Global Ratings, S&P Global (China) Ratings and CCXI, respectively. In 2023, it ranked 12th in The Banker’s list of “Top 1000 World Banks” in terms of tier 1 capital.

Faced with new requirements for the financial sector in a new era and on a new journey, the Bank will thoroughly implement the new development philosophy, focus on high-quality development, stay committed to the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability, and comprehensively deepen reform and innovation. Committed to fulfilling its economic, political and social responsibilities as a major state-owned bank, the Bank will press ahead with “five priorities” of technology finance, green finance, inclusive finance, pension finance and digital finance, continue to improve the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy and the ability of serving customers, and accelerate the transformation and development towards “uniqueness, comprehensiveness, lightness, digitalization and intensiveness”. It will adhere to the “5 plus 1” strategic path, move faster to build the five differentiated growth poles in Sannong finance, microfinance, proactive credit extension, wealth management, and financial market business, and make every effort to be a first-tier large retail bank which is trustworthy, distinctive, prudent, safe, innovative, and with remarkable value.