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Bill Keeper(Commercial Draft manager)


i. Introduction

Bill keeper means the compressive services, like agency preservation of bills, agency discount, agency collection and draft information inquiry, that the Bank provides for customers by replying on the Bank's bill system platform, as well as the financing services, like acceptance of commercial draft, working capital loan, letter of guarantee, letter of credit and trade finance, that the Bank provides for customers by means of forming the bill pool through the pledge of bills. 

ii. Features

1. Reducing customers' cost in labors, materials, financial and management concerning the bill business. 

2. Flexible configuration of services and products to provide the customer with differentiated and diversified integrated bill service solution. 

3. Rendering the universal concentrated bill management and comprehensive back-office support service to customers and helping customers realize the total lifecycle management of bills. 

4. Numerous outlets nationwide, and professional & experienced bill business team. 

iii. Business flow

1. The customer submits an application and relevant materials. 

2. The Bank examines and approves the application.

3. The customer signs the bill keeper and relevant agreements.

4. The Bank provides the customer with relevant services.