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Investment Businesses


1. Bond investment 

PSBC’s bond portfolio consists of treasury bonds, policy bank bonds, commercial bank bonds, enterprise bonds, corporate bonds and non-financial corporate debt financing instruments and other varieties, basically covering all kinds of bond varieties in the inter-bank market and securities exchange market. With active trading, we have counterparties distributed in all types of institutions across the market. 

The Bank occupies the leading position in the market by size and turnover of the bond investment business. The size of bond investment portfolio and the amount of debt settlement consistently ranked among the top six and the top ten of the country in the past three and five years, respectively. In addition, we are a Class A national bond underwriting member and a financial bond underwriting member under the three major policy banks. In recent three years, our underwriting of national bonds and policy bank bonds has both been leading in the market. 

With outstanding performance and excellent business investment management capability in bond markets, we have been granted with many honorary titles like “Outstanding Underwriter”, “Excellent Trading Member”, “Outstanding Clearing Member”, and “Top 100 Dealers in the Inter-bank RMB Market” and have a good brand image and great influence among peers in the interbank market. 

2. Interbank investment

The changes in the social financing needs brought about by China’s social and economic transformations have resulted in the new trend of “capitalization of existing debts and conversion of new debts into equities”. In order to adapt to the changes in the social financing needs and the challenges of integrated operations in the era of grand asset management, PSBC will strive to develop the interbank investment business. 

The interbank investment business refers to the Bank’s investment (or commission in other financial institutions to invest) in interbank financial assets (including but not limited to financial bonds, subordinated debts and other interbank financial assets traded in the interbank market or securities exchange market) or carriers for a specific purpose (including but not limited to wealth management products of commercial banks, trust and investment plans, securities investment funds, asset management plans of securities companies, asset management plans of fund management companies and their subsidiaries, asset management products of insurance asset management institutions) based on our investment strategy and risk appetite, as well as market developments. 

Thanks to accurate market judgment, great innovation, leading growth potential, and efficient management capabilities, our carrier business for a specific interbank investment purpose has been leading the innovation in major market models and products, the underlying price maker in major markets and product varieties, and the forerunner of efficient decision-making mechanism from the perspective of investment rather than credit thinking.