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Development Strategy

Date: 2016-09-23

Our strategic vision is to become the most trusted and valuable first-tier large retail bank. Based on our over 500 million individual customers and approximately 40,000 outlets, we will continually expand and develop various high-quality financial products and services to deepen customer penetration and enhance customer retention. Through our cooperation with a variety of institutions including China Post Group and our Strategic Investors, we will build up a financial ecosystem serving vast retail customers in China through cross-selling and scenario-based “Internet+” initiatives to meet their growing and evolving financial needs and demand for non-financial value-added services.

Our strategic goal is to achieve sustainable growth while providing a competitive return for our Shareholders. We seek to achieve our goal through the following strategies.

• Pursue our philosophy of “One Body Two Wings” to solidify the strengths of our core business and further develop new businesses

• Strengthen and upgrade retail banking business;

• Develop corporate banking business with synergy effects;

• Transform and innovate treasury business;

• Accelerate growth for fee- and commission-based businesses.

• Upgrade our fundamental capabilities and achieve sustainable development

• Fully develop our distinct “online + offline” Internet financial services platform;

• Enhance cost control and improve operational efficiency;

• Continually enhance risk and capital management capabilities;

• Adhere to the “technology-led” strategy; and

• Promote talent management strategy.