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Corporate Governance

Date: 2016-03-20

Bearing in mind that good corporate governance lays a solid foundation for the stable operation and sustainable development of a commercial bank, we adhere to the principles of a modern commercial bank and strive to improve our corporate governance continuously by building a governance structure that is more standard and more effective.

By bringing in 10 strategic investors from home and abroad, we have created a better shareholding structure and laid a solid foundation for further improvement of the overall governance structure. We revised our articles of association, as well as the rules of procedure for the Shareholders' General Meeting and the Board of Directors; formulated working rules for secretary of the Board of Directors, reporting procedures for the senior management, and working rules for independent directors; and thus established a complete and sound corporate government system. We have worked on the establishment of a social responsibility committee so as to improve the structure of committees affiliated to the Board of Directors and fully play the role of special committees in supporting the decision-making processes. In addition, we carried out performance appraisal on directors and members of the senior management, strengthened our information disclosure system, enhanced risk management in an all-round manner, and intensified internal control and compliance management, so as to ensure the smooth and standard implementation of our corporate governance system.