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Agency Tax Refund

Date: 2016-04-16

i. Business overview

Agency tax refund is the tax rebate service rendered by PSBC in cooperation with Premier Tax Free Group (PTF). Customers of non-EU countries who purchase the goods from PTF franchised merchants in EU countries and make the declaration according to relevant procedures can enjoy the handy service of VAT refund at the designated PSBC outlets.

At present, the PSBC’s tax refund services are available for following EU countries like Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg, Holland, Germany, Ireland, Britain, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Denmark and Greece, etc.

ii. Business Features

Lower handling fee for tax refund from home country. Direct account entry of refunded amount, conveniently and handy. Localized services and barrier-free communication in mother language.

iii. Fee rate

For each tax refund sheet, only EUR2.5 is charged and directly deducted from the amount refunded.

iv. Business procedure

1Customers purchased the goods exceeding the minimum tax-refunded consumption amount from PTF franchised merchants in EU countries, and obtained the tax refund sheet marked “Premier Tax Free”.

2Customers fill in the tax refund sheet under the guidance of shop assistant.of the merchants.

3When leaving the aforesaid EU countries, customer should present the tax refund sheets to the airport customs, the customs will stamp on the valid tax refund sheets.

4After returning to China, customers must take valid passport, tax refund sheets, shopping receipts and Green Card Express of current all-in-one account in RMB and foreign currencies of the Bank to handle the tax refund at the designated PSBC outlets.

5After receiving and preliminarily reviewing the materials submitted by customers, the bankteller shall input the tax refund information into the system . After the tax refund company’s confirmation , the system will automatically transfer the refunded amount to the account provided by customers and deduct the handling fee.

6The refunded amount will be paid in EUR.

v. Warm tips

1Tax refund service is only available for citizens of non-EU countries. The nationality of a citizen is the one as indicated in his/her passport.

2Tax refund sheet must be affixed with the customs stamp of any of the aforesaid EU-countries. When stamping at customs abroad, customers shall present the tax refund sheets and goods they purchased.

3Tax refund service has an effective period. First, the interval between the customer’s consumption date and the customer’s departure date cannot exceed three months. Second, the interval between the customer’s departure date and the date of handling tax refund cannot exceed three months.

4Tax refund sheet marked with “No Cash Refund”, “TOPOS” or “DOWNTOWN” and other marks indicates that tax has been refunded, and the tax refund cannot be made again.  

vi. PSBC Outlets available for tax refund service 

Tax refund agency business of the Bank has been launched in the designated outlets in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and cities in April 2007. For further details, please contact the local outlets or call PSBC hotline 95580.






East Gongti Road Sub-branch

1F, 2A Tiyuchang Road (E), Chaoyang District, Beijing

86 – 10 – 85871416


Jing’an Sub-branch

1757 East Beijing Road, Shanghai

86 – 21 – 62885412


Mingyue Sub-branch

24 Mingyue No. 2 Road, Guangzhou

86 – 20 – 87371874


Yitian Sub-branch

Postal Information Complex Building, Futian District, Shenzhen

86 – 755 – 82980280/82980221