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Regional Co-branded (Affinity) Card

Date: 2016-04-19


Regional Co-branded (Affinity) Card is a debit card issued by branches at various levels of PSBC in cooperation with big enterprises, government organs, social organizations and other profit institution (nonprofit institutions). Customers holding the card can enjoy not only all or part of the financial functions of the Green Card (Universal Green Card), but also the special services and preference provided by co-branded enterprises and groups.


All or part of financial services of the Green Card (Universal Green Card).

Special services and preference provided by co-branded enterprises and groups.


1.ETC Co-branded Card

ETC Co-branded Card is a co-branded debit card issued by the Bank in collaboration with local traffic department to ETC car owners. It integrates the financial applications of the Bank with high-speed ETC applications, customers can thus enjoy not only the integrated financial services of the Bank, but also OBU installation, opening and recharge of ETC account, expressway electronic toll collection and other services.

At present, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Branch, Gansu Branch and Fujian Branch of the Bank have launched the products and services relating to ETC Co-branded Card.

2.Trade Union Co-branded Card


Trade Union Co-branded Card is a type of co-branded card issued by PSBC in cooperation with local trade union, thus providing members of local trade union with handy financial payment and settlement services, and the management and payment of staff medical security fund, subsidy for needy staff, support fund, allowance and subsidy for model workers, as well as the health checkup and other preferential services. At present, the Bank has issued Membership Co-branded Card of Henan Federation of Trade Unions, Heart-warming Card of Guizhou Federation of Trade Unions and All-in-one Membership Card of Heibei Xingtai Federation of Trade Unions.

3.Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card 

Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card is a card for housing provident fund issued by PSBC by joining hands with local housing provident fund management centers, which has the financial functions, and inquiry, withdrawal, transfer of housing provident fund and application for and repayment of the housing loan, making a breakthrough in the housing provident fund. The Bank has issued Beijing Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card, Sichuan Dazhou Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card, Sichuan Liangzhou Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card and Shaanxi Yulin Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card.

Please log in the website of local PSBC branch to view more details of Housing Provident Fund Co-branded Card.

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