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Universal Green Card (Family Card)

Date: 2016-04-19



Family Card is an exclusive theme debit card customized by PSBC for customer groups in residential communities and issued in the form of “master card + shaped card”. The master card is a standard financial IC card and can provide the case deposit and withdrawal, transfer and remittance, bill payment, fund wealth management and other financial products and services. The shaped card has the function of electronic cash and can load the application of property management to realize the integrated service of “financial + property management”.

.Target customers

Resident customers in residential communities


The master card of Family Card can enjoy all the financial products and services of standard financial IC card, including case deposit and withdrawal, transfer and remittance, agency bill payment, fund wealth management, dedicated fund wealth management products, precious metal and third-party custody. The shaped card can load the application of property management, thereby realizing the door access of the residential community, parking, elevator and other services and meeting daily residential community management demand of the card holder. Besides, the shaped card has the function of electronic cash to quick pay the bus, metro, supermarket of the residential community, vegetable market, parking lot and other places that are sensitive to the transaction speed and meet the conditions of off-line consumption, fully exerting the advantage of benefiting the people.  


No annual fee and small-amount account management fee.

The aforesaid preference shall be implemented starting from the date of issuing of the Universal Green Card (Family Card), the ending date shall be subject to the announcement of the Bank.

.Business flow

You can take your valid real-name certificate and go to a PSBC outlet to apply for a Family Card. For concrete qualification requirements, please consult the business personnel of the outlet. PSBC reserves the final right to interpret the aforesaid contents.