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Green Card

Date: 2016-03-21

i.    Introduction

Green Card (debit card) is a financial payment instrument issued by PSBC and has all or part of such functions as consumption, fund transfer, settlement and cash deposit & withdrawal, etc. Overdraft on Green Card is not allowed, for it is the debit card.

ii.   Functions and features

1Handy non-local deposit and withdrawal: PSBC boasts numerous outlets nationwide, you can hold the Green Card to withdraw the case at any of those outlets and from any of the ATMs with the logo of China UnionPay, it is just “Green Card makes you go around China”.  

2Numerous functions: With the Green Card, you can handle such businesses as inquiry, cash deposit & withdrawal, fund transfer, bill payment and consumption by swiping the card, etc.

3Simple reconciliation: You can subscribe the demand bank statement for the Green Card, and both time and demand bank statement for the Universal Green Card to indicate the transaction details, thus helping you know about the transaction history in a clear manner.

iii.  Business flow

1You can take your valid real-name certificate and go to a PSBC outlet to fill out the dedicated application form and apply for a Green Card.

2A single Green Card (including Universal Green Card) can be applied by an agent. In case of an agency application, valid real-name certificates of both the agent and the entrusting party must be provided, and the agent shall indicate the reason for agency application.

3You can take the Green Card and your valid real-name certificate and go to any of the PSBC outlets to subscribe, cancel and replace the bank statement function. The bank statement function cannot be handled by an agent.

(The aforesaid information is for you reference only. Specific regulations of the local PSBC branch on concrete business shall prevail.) To save your time, please contact local PSBC branch or dial the PSBC hotline 95580 to get detailed information before handling relevant procedures).