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Business Introduction

Date: 2016-04-18

Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) offers a wide selection of RMB-denominated wealth management products tailored to customer needs and yielding high returns through a professional wealth management team. Its RMB-denominated wealth management business includes two product lines, namely “PSBC Fortune” targeted at personal customers and “PSBC Fortune” targeted at institutional customers, covering a wide range of products such as “PSBC Fortune · Bond”, “PSBC Fortune · Luck”, “PSBC Fortune · E-Sharing”, “Fortune EERising”, “PSBC Fortune · Flourishing” etc. to satisfy customers’ diverse demands for investment and wealth management with high, medium and low risk appetites.

PSBC has seen its wealth management products on a rapid rise for six consecutive years in terms of both quantity and scale. As of October 2014, it had cumulatively issued RMB-denominated wealth management products of over RMB1600 billion, all of which had realized expected rate of returns and therefore got widespread recognition from customers. The wealth management business has won it awards like the 2008 “Gold-Shell” Banking Wealth Management Growth Award, the 2011 “Wisemoney” Financial Wealth Management Product Award and the 2011 “Fu Long” Best Development Potential Award.

Upholding the ideas of “trustworthy custodian management, professionalism in value creation and innovation-driven development” for the RMB wealth management business, PSBC is committed to offering residents and institutional customers with professional and comprehensive wealth management services to take good care of their assets and create valuable wealth for them.