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Stage Of Family Growth

Date: 2016-03-20

Stage involved: From the time of having kids to the time when the kids are economically independent

Ages for reference: 30 – 52

Economic status: Your economic situation is generally moving towards stability. Kids are the focus of a family, education of kids thus becomes an important spend of the family, and you also come under relatively huge life pressure. Nevertheless, you are strong in resisting the risks and can make investment in diversified products. You can pursue higher return on investment while focusing on risk control. As you get older, you can gradually reduce the investment in stocks and other high-risk products, and increase the investment in hybrid funds and other financial products with moderate or high risks.

Demand for insurance: You always have strong demand for insurance at the stage, so you are suggested to purchase serious disease insurance, in addition to the term life insurance or accident insurance. You can purchase the pension insurance, children's education insurance , lifelong insurance, etc. if you have abundant fund.